A Choose Your Own Path Adventure Novel

Kestrel is a choose-your-own-path adventure novel about a young woman ready to finish school and get her dream job in mathmagics. But not everything is as it seems. Born to a legacy she doesn’t understand, events may sweep her down a road different than the one she set out to follow. Your choices will decide her future—and the future of those around her.

◆The Story◆

Growing up on a farm where she watches the city lights at night, Kestrel dreams of a better future. One without cows. She’s even got her eye on a handsome young man. But when two forces of magic collide, Kestrel finds herself caught up in a conflict that will change the world forever. And she may be the deciding factor.

◆You Decide◆

You make choices for Kestrel, changing how the story unfolds. You choose where Kestrel goes, who she trusts, and how she reacts to the events around her. Depending on your choices, she can end up on either side of the conflict or weave a path along the middle. Unlike the Choose Your Own Adventure® books or the Fighting Fantasy® gamebooks with abrupt or fateful choices, there are no bad endings in this story. Every choice leads to a complete tale.

◆How It Works◆

Read the first chapter for free. Enjoy thousands of unique reading paths, with more to come. There are currently five chapters available, with new chapters published as they are finished. Kestrel is on sale for 70% off until the book is complete.


“The most amazing, versatile and elegant book/app where you can choose your fate with each turn of the page! Don't look further, this is the best!!!!!” —Heyaz--]

“Great story! I went back again and again to explore and make different choices just so I could see what would happen. Can't wait for more of the story!” —Reader584

“I honestly enjoyed this game a lot. I have been looking for an in depth choice game for a long time.... The storyline is in depth and very interesting. Just awesome.” —Icandrawarealisticcatha


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